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The week ahead 未来一周

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• BRITAIN goes to the polls on Thursday May 6th for what should be the closest election in many years. Most opinion polls suggest that an unexpected surge by the country’s third party, the Liberal Democrats, is likely to mean that neither Labour nor the Conservatives wins a majority of seats in Westminster. In the event of a hung Parliament, an unusual outcome with Britain’s first-past-the-post voting system, the leaders of all three main parties will embark on a series of negotiations to determine whether the Lib Dems, if they hold the balance of power, are prepared to form a coalition or support a minority government.

• 英国人将于5月6日星期四到投票处投票。这次选举是多年来差距最小的一次。大多数民意调查表明,英国第三大党自由民主党异军突起,可能使工党或保守党都不能在议会赢得多数席位。在英国的简单多数选举制下,无多数议会是罕见的结果。如果出现无多数议会,所有三个大党的领袖将开始一系列谈判,以确定自由民主党(如果该党地位举足轻重的话)是准备好组成党派联盟还是支持少数派政府。

• EUROPE"S plan to control the contagion spreading across the continent as a result of Greece’s fiscal woes will be put to the people who have to pay the bill. Greece announced that it had struck a deal with the EU and the IMF on May 2nd. But during the week Germany and France are set to hold parliamentary votes on the rescue package. Indignation with the feckless Greeks will be great. Denunciations of France and Germany for their past willingness to ignore the EU fiscal rules laid down by the misleadingly-named Stability and Growth Pact will be less common. Now may not be the time to get introspective, though. Ratings agencies have already downgraded the debt of Portugal and Spain. Other European countries with big government debts could be next.

• 希腊财政灾难对欧洲大陆造成不良影响。欧洲旨在控制这种不良影响的计划将交给不得不为此付账的人。希腊宣布其已经在5月2日与欧盟和国际货币基金组织达成交易。但在本周,德国和法国已准备就一揽子救援计划进行议会表决。对无能的希腊人的愤慨将是巨大的。名称会误导人的《稳定与增长公约》规定了一些欧盟财政规则。法国和德国过去愿意忽视这些规则,因此受到谴责。这种谴责将不再那么普遍。但现在可能不是进行反省的时候。评级机构已经降低了葡萄牙和西班牙的债务等级。接下来可能轮到负有巨额政府债务的其他欧洲国家。更多信息请访问:

• THE German chancellor, Angela Merkel, had hoped to stall action on the Greek debt crisis until after regional elections on Sunday May 9th in North Rhine-Westphalia, the country’s most populous and economically productive state. Most Germans oppose a bail-out for Greece and opinion polls suggest that Mrs Merkel might suffer electorally after being forced to step up efforts to help Greece in the wake of its worsening debt crisis. Polls suggest that the ruling coalition of Mrs Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union and Free Democratic might give way to a stalemate between centre-right and centre-left, with an extreme left-wing party, Linke, holding the balance of power. Mrs Merkel’s coalition might lose control of the state legislature and Germany’s upper house. North Rhine-Westphalia also accounts for six seats in the Bundesrat, which has to sign off on legislation.

• 德国总理安吉拉•默克尔已经希望暂停关于希腊债务危机的行动,直到5月9日星期日在北莱茵-威斯特法伦州——德国人口最多、经济最发达的州——进行地区选举之后。大多数德国人反对援助希腊。民意调查表明,在由于希腊不断恶化的债务危机而被迫加大援助希腊的力度之后,默克尔夫人可能会在选举方面处于不利地位。民意调查表明,由于极端左翼党派Linke党处于举足轻重的地位,默克尔夫人的基督教民主联盟和自由民主党组成的执政联盟可能为右倾派和左倾派之间的僵持所取代。默克尔夫人的联盟可能失去对州议会和德国上议院的控制。北莱茵-威斯特法伦州还占了联邦参议院的六个席位。参议院不得不未经签字而批准立法。

• MORE evidence of the strength of America’s economic recovery is due on Friday May 7th, with the release of jobs numbers for April. March’s gain of 162,000 jobs was the best monthly labour-market performance since the recession began and provided hope that America’s economy is starting to pick up pace again. Recent GDP figures suggest this is the case. America grew at a seasonally-adjusted annual rate of 3.2% in the first three months of the year, which compares favourably with other developed countries.

• 关于美国经济复苏势头的更多证据将于5月7日星期五出炉,届时将公布4月分的职位数量。3月份增加了162,000个职位,是经济衰退开始以来劳动力市场月度表现最佳的一个月。这带来了美国经济开始再度加快增长的希望。最近的GDP数字表明事实确实如此。今年头三个月,美国的经季节性调整后的年增长率为3.2%,与其他发达国家相比,这个数字是不错的。


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